About Us


To empower youth with skills, knowledge and qualifications required for decent employment.

The vision and the Mission of the PSS Trust is to transform the  BPL families who remain as beneficiaries of the Government subsidies to degnified tax paying civilians through education and employment

About Us



  • PSS Trust is a non-profit organization that aims the empowerment of children below  poverty line.
  • This includes imparting quality education, food, healthcare, and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. 
  • The trust has been running for the last 17+ years under the leadership of the Founder, Chairman  Dr. (H.C) P. Srinivas.

Founder, Chairman and Trustee Dr.(H.C) Srinivas,

PSS Teams

PSS Trust believes and fulfills its dream through collaborative team  consisting of volunteers and permanent staff  , all performing specif roles. Trust has dedicated full time Founder Director who has the over all responsibility of the Trust and he is assisted by                  active advisory members


Special Purpose Team comprised of experienced professionals from IT, Education, Government and Psychology. Its objective  is to understand, elicit  and facilitate overall requirements of the Trust,  its outreach programs and expansion plans. Helps the trust in funds and grant management.


General Administration Team comprises majorly the members from Trust Alumini and employees. This team is responsible for general administrations, branch operations, finance and all other coordination purposes. GAT team is responsible for the day to day operation of  projects, trainings.


Regular Assistance Team comprises members of Trust Alumini and responsible for mentoring, counselling and supports student regular school, college connect and parent connect initiatives


PSS Trust Education Team has volunteers and employees who are responsible for academic programs of the trust. General education, Foundation, special education, regular institutional education.


PSS Trust IT team responsible for marketing, and other IT requirements of the Trust.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2018 – Mana nagaram program memento presented by K. Tarakarama Rao(KTR) conducted by Govt. of Telangana.
  • 2017- Doctorate to P.Srinivas by Indian Virtual University, Bangalore.
  • Sravan Kumar Award Presented by Sri Roshaiah, Governor of Tamilnadu.
  • Best Service Award by Cyberabad Police Commissionerat
  • Barathiyam Award presented by Sri J.D.Laxmi narayana.
  • Best social service award by R.R.Dist collector Sri. Prem Chandra reddy
  • Woman & girl child welfare award by Smt. Sunitha Laxma Reddy
  • NTR Charitable trust award by N.Chandra Babu Naidu

History in brief


The Trust was established on 15th August 2003 in the memory of Sri Potukuchi Somasundara Satry who is the recipient of the State Level Best Teacher Award. The father of the  Chairman, Sri Potukuchi Sreenivas 

Children from of many BPL families, migrant workers and daily wagers who study in government schools face several challenges to continue their secondary school and college education. The growing economic and cultural gaps in the society do not allow them to rise above their conditions. Boys keep dropping off from schools and work on meagre wages and girls keep getting married at early ages. These conditions either continue or keep worsening for generations unless there is intervention by the Civil Societies.

At PSS trust we believe in challenging this status quo. Since last 13 years has been providing intervention programs to  support their education, job placements and provide appropriate opportunities.

Students after school could arrive a the Trust study centers, learn and get the support from Teachers that the Trust provides, dine and get home around 9 pm. Girl children get the transportation provided by the Trust. This give peace of mind to their parents. Eventually the Trust has taken the responsibility of their entire educational needs. Each student get admitted into the Trust in 9th Standard and will be give strong reinforcement of foundational skills, and prepare for 10th class board exams the next year. Besides 10 exams they will also prepare for Polytechnic entrance examination. Students who get the ranks will join Diploma courses in various colleges. During the 3 years of Diploma they continue to reach the trust every day after the college and do a self or peer study and their doubts will get clarified by older students, alumni, volunteers and also appointed teachers. As they complete their Diploma courses most of them get placement through the network of the Trust and some students appear for ECET examinations and go for Higher Education. The Trust assist their academic and other related needs till they successfully complete graduate engineering. These fresh graduate engineers will be trained for placement by industry experts from MNC volunteers and secure placements in corporate companies. So far there are 90 graduate engineers are working in various corporate companies in Hyderabad. 

Since these higher education are challenging in terms of skills, finances, cultural, family backgrounds, the Trust takes the responsibility of every aspect of these years. Trust will ensure to provide necessary counseling to parents and students and regularly mentor them all through these years until they start to live on their own.