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#2530/79, water tank, Matrusreenagar Colony, Miyapur, Hyderabad 500049
Certified Care

“We are making BPL(Below Poverty Line) children to Taxpayers “

Dr.(H.C) P. Srinivas,
Chairman and Trustee
Respect & Compassion

What we do

Features / 01
  • We care people and try to help each associate to be happy
  • We Provide transport for girl students during nights, which keeps parents
  • We provide one time meal for students which makes parents
  • We keep in touch and track the progress of alumni just in case they need any further support.
  • WE care for every rupee of donation given by kind hearts.
  • We care for compliance with government and corporate rules.
Features / 02
  • We build network of patrons, volunteers and alumni for effective running of trust activities
  • Our present network includes, CSR teams of DBS, ADP,  etc., Volunteers from corporate and professional services, and alumni who returned to serve the cause of the trust.
  • We also work with good Samaritans who wants to replicate our model in their places.
  • We are now a network of 5 branches and looking forward to expand to two more highly needed locations in the year 2021.
Features / 03
  • Each students starts their journey from 9th Standards. 
  • In general path of education is made clear around 10th standard. 
  • Preparation (9th + 10th ) –>Polytechnic Entrance –> Diploma Engineering ( 3 years) –> Job or ECET –> Graduate Engineering(3 Years) –>Career or Higher Education –> Masters
Features / 04
  • We counsel students and parents and motivate them towards education.
  • Child marriages avoided.
  • Students are not dropping out and following the path of education seriously.
  • We provide free transport for the student for dropping and picking up the children
  • We provide hygiene food as part one time meal program.
  • We provide healthy evening snacks.
Features / 07
  • We provide secure and safety environment with all the basic needs

Our mission

  • To protect students from dropping out and early child marriages
  • To provide safe and healthy environment and regular teaching classes for learning
  • To facilitate all expenses, and other requirements for continuation of education until each registered child settles down in the careers
  • To assist each registered child in job search network of well-wishers and volunteers
  • To provide science labs and computer labs for hands on experience

Our Vision

  • To Transform beneficiaries of government subsidy schemes to Texas through education and skill development
  • To bring first generation BPL citizen out of poverty and enable them to live with dignity

Our Impact

Let the Numbers Speak
0 +
Are Diploma Holders
0 +
Engineering Graduates and Employees in Reputed Organizations
0 +
Students studying Engineering and Polytechnic
Expanded upto 5
  • Education till the Graduation and Post Graduation
  • One time meal
    Collage fees, Exam fees, and Study materials.
  • Transportation Facility
    Provide Online and Offline Classes
  • Train children for Camus placements
0 +
Students studying 10th and 9th
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