Our Work

Anyone can Code program

Senior students well-equipped with computer science skills have volunteered to teach children from rural areas coding. These classes are held regularly in line with a set schedule.

Computer Lab

The trust houses around 5 to 10 computers in each branch on need basis. Students are encouraged to utilise this, become digitally literate, and explore the larger world.

Peer Learning

Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology driven world.

Core Subjects taught by alumni

The Trust’s alumni have stepped in and started sharing their skills, time and knowledge besides volunteers.

Students taking tests

Frequently students write tests. These tests highlights improvement needs of students

One to One mentoring

Seniors help current and younger students phase into their college life. This is not just in the realm of academics but in the journey of interpersonal growth as well.

Counselling program

Alumni additionally guide students to and about the workplace. Counselling sessions are held involving the Trust team, students, and parent where orientation is given on how to earn jobs. This program becomes a link between college and offices.

Learning by doing

Biology lab

Chemistry Lab

Physics Experiment in lab


Electric work

Electrical work done by students at Miyapur Branch

Reading Material distribution

Student Regular practices

Yoga - Mitra upakramam

Increased memory and improved ability to understand Reduction in the tendency of restlessness and laziness Reduction in the tendency of having indifference, disinterest, depression Reduced stress, worry, fear, anger, craving, and aversion. Feeling love and compassion for others.

Nutritious dinners

Hygiene food as part one time meal program. Providing Healthy evening snacks
"we do not need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the needy, the poor and the hungry we need to have an heart."

Transportation for safety of girls

Picking up and dropping of at home majorly to ensure safety for girls

Safe and Friendly Environment for studies